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CRAZ-eTALK Marketing is a new style of communication with the dealership's sold, un-sold, and service customers. CRAZ-eTALK creates the opportunity to brand emails and establish face recognition providing the basis for a relationship. Put a face to your name with photos and key contact info. CRAZ-eTALK includes web links, and can incorporate updateable graphics to promote current events and specials. Target your customer with 30 to 45 second powerful, rich media messages. Media will turn your prospects into "Clients for life". CRAZ-eTALK targets specific customers with specific messages, reaching them quickly and gaining their attention.

Typical CRAZ-eTALK Applications

CRAZ-eTALK Examples:

 Auto Responders
 →  Congratulations
 →  Brand Building Campaigns
 →  E-Campaigns
 →  Website Greeting

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