PeopleFirst was founded in 1996, is the premier provider of human resource tools and services specifically designed to maximize the investment in a company's most important asset, its employees. Our proven solutions allow our clients to save time, while increasing the efficiency and accuracy of hiring decisions.

PeopleFirst pioneered a philosophy called Factualism that has proven to be the most revolutionary form of selling beyond the traditional way. It is a system based on the predictability of human behavior and the anticipation of fear-motivated reactions, allowing a customer to feel empowered through freedom of choice in their buying experience. Our objective is to create a new generation of personnel committed to achieving the highest level of honesty, integrity and professionalism for their respective industry.

PeopleFirst was originally focused on providing sales and management consulting services to the automobile industry. PeopleFirst is an affiliate of Dealer Resources, Inc. Dealer Resources has been successfully serving the automotive industry on a national basis for more than 35 years, providing a full line of finance products, CSI ⁄ CRM services, and advanced finance selling skills.

Nestor Gill, founder of PeopleFirst, has extensive experience in the field of sales development and management consulting. A keen student of human psychology and behavior, Mr. Gill headed the development of the Success Building Candidate Assessment tool in collaboration with several prominent specialists in their field. This unique behavior-based compatibility profile is based upon how people think as opposed to what they think

The PeopleFirst team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, PeopleFirst also has training centers in Charlotte, Miami, and Orlando.