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PeopleFirst developed the curriculum based upon the premise that positive growth is a never-ending process in every successful organization.

PeopleFirst utilizes material that is based on the research of top psychologists and motivational trainers and is designed to benefit every employee in your organization. Highlights of our training include:

• Analyzing Perception
• How the Mind Works
• The Change Cycle
• Building Self Esteem
• Understanding Fear
• Working with Your Weaknesses
• Human Interaction
• Customer Relations
• Communication Skills
• Creating Realistic Goals
• Overcoming Mental Road Blocks
• Fear Workshops
• Affirmations

In addition to our in-house educational programs, growth training seminars are scheduled on a regular basis in an interactive class environment. This allows recently acquired employees to be brought up to speed in a relatively short amount of time and will provide individual counseling to employees who have specific concerns.

Although motivational presentation is an important element of any successful training program, we believe that providing the necessary life skills for growth brings long term benefits.

Training Method: PeopleFirst developed the MindSense curriculum based upon the premise that positive growth is a never-ending process in every successful organization. As an employer, you have acquired not just a skill set but the whole person as well. With that in mind, we offer life skills training for every employee in a structure that allows healthy growth in both their business and personal lives, thereby creating happy and productive employees.

We offer the flexibility of training your staff either in-house or at our own facilities as in Atlanta, Charlotte or Orlando. Either structure can be established to accommodate the particular needs of your company.


• Increase Productivity
• Increase Employee Self-Efficacy
• Allows Employee Development
• Reduce Employee Work Problems
• Reduce Employee Turnover
• Increase Harmony in the Workforce
• Improve Customer Service ⁄ Satisfaction
• Elevate Level of Professionalism

PeopleFirst works directly with each organization focusing on the principles that bring positive and rewarding long-term results. We believe that our accountability for identifying and achieving success is based upon your own measurement of improvement.