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Nestor Gill created the Discovery Seminars to be used as a vehicle by those who want to succeed in their careers as well as in life. It presents an alternative to all the glorified hype, false promises and illusions that exist today.

His never-ending study of human behavior, combined with thirty years in a successful sales and management career, has enabled him to create one of the most dynamic and practical selling philosophies being taught today.

The seminars are riveting experiences in discovering answers to questions which have kept many from becoming successful.

Let's be frank. You have been to seminars where you stood up and yelled a phrase or two and said, "I'm the greatest", and felt good about yourself at that moment in time. You might have even bought a tape or book. But after a day or so when the excitement started to fade and you woke up to reality, you asked yourself, "What have I really gained that I can apply?"

"Have I found what I was hoping for?" Did you become wiser or just absorb a lot of "feel good" information that means nothing? In the Discovery Seminar you will get a more realistic and practical approach using what comes naturally to your personality.

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