CRAZ-eTALK Applications   ←  Services

1. Auto Response: This creates a positive first impression and allows your dealership to stand out from among other responses the customer may have. We can also add buttons, as seen below:

• Appointment Button
• Trade Evaluation
• Response

2. Unsold Follow-up Bulletins

3. Congratulations for Purchasing a Vehicle: This is an opportunity for the General Manager or the owner of the dealership to personally congratulate the customer for purchasing a vehicle from his ⁄ her store. It will create a positive impression and can be used to solicit future referrals and inquire about their buying experience at the dealership. This can also be a tool used to address any negative experiences the customer may have had before the manufacturer sends them a report card.

• Asking for Referrals
• Experience Feedback

4. Service Invitation: A perfect time to establish a connection with the customer. It puts a face on the service department.

• Setting first Appointment
• Service reminders
• Service Manager Introduction
• Mission Statement

5. Happy Holidays

6. Product Presentation

7. Campaigns: You can create video campaigns as an addition to your newspaper, radio or mailout advertising. This is the most cost-effective way to reach a customer. We can create small campaigns using banners and voice-over or we can download national or Creative ads to be sent to your email base or a Mass E-List based on demographics.

• Trade Buy backs
• Special Sales Events
• Program Car Event
• Promotional Events

8. Education Campaigns: An objective piece encouraging customers to visit your dealership.

• Lease vs. Buy
• New vs. Used
• Sell vs. Trade